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VCI - Glossary
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Vegetarian Communicty of Iowa



Lacto-ovo vegetarians consume plant foods, dairy products, and eggs but exclude animal flesh, fish, and fowl. Lacto-vegetar-ians consume eggs but exclude eggs; ovo-vegetarians consume dairy but exclude dairy).

Strict Vegetarians & Vegans

Strict vegetarians and vegans consume no animal flesh, eggs, or dairy foods. Products derived from animals such as leather, wool, silk, are not used.


People choose vegetarianism because of health reasons, con-cerns about the environment, compassion for animals, a belief in non-violence, and for religious, spiritual or ethical reasons.


Famous Vegetarians

Hank Aaron

Louisa May Alcott

Joan Baez

Kim Basinger

Candice Bergen

William Blake

Michael Bolton

Berke Breathed

Cesar Chavez

Chelsea Clinton

Leonardo da Vinci

David Duchovny

Bob Dylan

Albert Einstein

Michael J. Fox

Benjamin Franklin


Richard Gere

Dizzie Gillespie

Daryl Hannah

Woody Harrelson

Michael J. Fox

Steve Jobs

Gladys Knight

Lenny Kravitz

John Lennon

Paul McCartney

Joe Namath

Martina Navratilova*

Isaac Newton

Sinead O'Connor

Joaquin Phoenix*

Dr. Ruth

Jerry Seinfeld

Alicia Silverstone*

Lisa Simpson

Dr. Benjamin Spock*

Leo Tolstoy

Shania Twain

Vincent Van Gogh


Dweezil Zappa


* indicates vegan